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Notlaw wrote:
Once I've "spec'd up" a bit I'll start buying grain in bigger quantities to save a bob or two.  I currently just buy it from Leyland who are good on price, but you don't save anything for buying bigger quantities, so I tend to just buy it in 1.5kg bags.

You're not the first person I've heard saying that Minch malt is really good, I'll have to give it a go.

If uncrushed grains are stored at around 15*C in the dark, and they're sealed enough not to change the moisture content too much, they'll last ages. 18-24 months, IME. I bought 5kg each of black malt and chocolate malt over 2 years ago. I'm not even half way through them, but they are absolutely fine. Just finished a sack of MO I bought 14 months ago and the latest beer (one of Kyle's Mild recipes) is spot on. I normally buy 25kg sacks when they're on offer, knowing they'll last. My latest bargain was a sack of Muntons MO and a sack of Muntons extra pale MO for less than 40 quid, which is fn cheap in Norway, BOGOF basically. 
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Clibit wrote:
You can get 3kg of DME for £14 from HBC. Which compares pretty well with cheap LME. It's less than £5 / kg, and it's more concentrated than LME. 

1kg DME = 1.25kg LME, approx.

I paid £15 for 3 kilo from Geterbrewed and i thought that was good value, i must look at HBC[cool]
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