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Thanks BrewCat, yes point taken, we have very soft water in this area as you suggested. However I haven't ever seen it on containers warning about it being used in hard water areas being a no no, only to the contrary saying to increase the amount you use, maybe this is something I need to swat up on. What actually happens in hard water areas?  Thanks.
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The salts precipitate out of the water and stick on the upper faces of everything- which is fine on the outside of bottles... Not so on the inside.

I'm thinking this VWP is my next thing to try then. How fast does it work? Does it have to be used with hot water?
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VWP works pretty quickly and is best used with hot water m8.  Remember that it's bleach based so you may need to have a rinse tub with some campden in it ready to flush the bottles afterwards.
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