Tom G
Hi, Just saying hi as I'm just getting back into this brewing lark. I'll be mostly reading and learning but as soon as I actually do brew I'll probably drive you mad with questions. 
I have done a few kits but hoping to go all grain. Might start with a kit just to get back into the swing of sterilizing and everything first. Thinking of one of these So... We will see.
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Northern Brewster
Hi Tom and welcome.

Ask away, No question is too stupid as we’ve all been there.

A kit to get you back in the swing of things is a great plan. Happy Brewing 👍🏻
I don’t have hobbies. I’m developing a robust post-apocalyptic skill set.
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Hi Tom. Fire away, it's good to talk about beer.  [thumb]
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Welcome to the forum Tom 👍
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Hello Tom, ask away,!
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 Welcome to the group.

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Welcome to HBUK 😉
Beer is like porn - you can buy it easily enough, but its so much more fun to make it [wink]
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John Barleycorn
Don't let the 'Senior Member' thing phase you, it just means I approached senility, got stuck and now I'm having problems detaching myself from it.
Seriously, I've only been here just over two minutes. It creeps up on u.
Welcome to this home from home for home brewers, Tom.
Enjoy [smile]
hoptimism - the realisation that each pint carries you forward to an ever more perfect ale...
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hi tom

don't lurk! join in.
everyone's nice here
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