On this week's episode, we sit down and look at more trademark disputes, interesting business moves and why social media is ruining beer before heading to the lab for secret experiments, the brewery for ingredient explorations and then into the lounge where Drew sits down with a couple of award winning home brewers - Derek Springer (aka Five Blades Brewing) of the Society of Barley Engineers and Nick Corona (aka 2016's AHA Homebrewer of the Year) of QUAFF. Find out what it means to homebrew in America's brewery mecca! And then of course we answer some questions before Drew leaves you with the nerdiest sports thing to nerd.
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Thanks Denny! I'll download and listen to this while I'm at work today... try to minimise the boredom!
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Ditto I have office time this afternoon[smile]
I like my water with barley and hops
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Listened to half going home last night and the other half coming in this morning.... enjoyed it as always.
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