A recipe for a beer that has remained popular for 25 years despite all the developments in hops and recipes since then. Taken from the AHA website...

Bombay Bomber IPA

This recipe is formatted so it can be used for a batch of any size. Grain percentages, original gravity and hop additions along with target IBUs should be enough information for homebrewers to deduce a recipe fit for their target batch volume and system.

When Steelhead Brewing Company opened on January 22, 1991, Bombay Bomber IPA was on draft as the seasonal offering. The IPA was such a hit that Steelhead never took it off tap, making Bombay Bomber one of the first IPAs to be continually served as a flagship offering at a U.S. brewpub.


Western (American) two-row malt (71%)
American Munich malt 10°L (22%)
American Vienna malt 4°L (7%)
Chinook hops (90 minutes)
Crystal hops (20 minutes)
Chinook hops (0 minutes)
Crystal hops (0 minutes)
Chinook (dry)

Original Gravity: 14.2 °P (1.057 SG)
Final Gravity: 3.2 °P (1.013 SG)
ADF: 77.5%
IBU: 57
ABV: 6%

The recipe traditionally uses Eugene, Oregon mountain run off (soft) water with added gypsum.

Employ a single-step conversion mash at 153°F (67°C) for 1 hour.

Follow the 90 minute boil schedule as noted in the ingredients. Fast chill and transfer to a fermenter in 10 minutes (this is what saves the aroma!).

Ferment at 67°F (19°C) for 18 days with the yeast of your choosing.
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