Anyone found yeast nutrient to have a positive (discernable) difference on brews? I've used servomyces in the past but was blown away by cost. Recently switched to HBC 100g tub of the stuff but I never brew the same thing twice for a comparison with/ without.
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Never done a comparison but always chuck a bit in. Can’t hurt and it’s dirt cheap.
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Never used it. Supposed to be a good idea if you re-use your yeast. Keeps it healthier over generations.
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Not so important in wort as it's full of all the goodies yeast need.  If you're a cider or Mead man, then it's essential.  As you say, there's no harm to using it and it might even make things run a little better.

cheap insurance.
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I've never used it either. I do re-use use yeast but not many times. Rarely more than three times.
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I use it for starters, when I remember. I never bother with the actual brew though.
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