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Harrowbrewer wrote:
Peanut Butter Stout. Didn’t work at all. ...

I'm not sure peanut butter and beer should even be in the same sentence, let alone glass.
But I know at least one person who would disagree with that, who would swear by at least one beer that disagreed wwith that also.
Powdered peanut butter is apparently the way to go.
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GHW wrote:
Should have chucked some yeast in it!

I would have done but it was so jellied that it would go through a sieve!
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HisDudeness wrote:
Although I have had some very dubious all grain brews I think the worst I've had were the 2 kits I made that ended up tainted with chlorophenols, this was when I used VWP and wasn't very clued up on the importance of thorough rinsing. The TCP off flavour from this truly ruins a beer and it doesn't improve with age, most of them went down the sink in the end [frown]

I had something of the same once - TCP on steroids. Vile. I kept a kego of it for the best part of a year in the hope that it would improve. It didn't. It went the same way as yours did. I hope the sewage treatment guys weren't too upset. It was probably worse than most of what goes down there.
I am off grid until the weekend.
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Fermented Culture
Old malt + stale bread + old yeast. Fermented and smelt fine, the bread had a ton of salt in it so it tasted like sea water. It was only a small batch so I've kept it for wild yeast catching.
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a john bull bitter kit i tried to pimp up with grains and hops, i drank about 10 pints out of the keg trying to convince myself it was not crap.. but alas it ended up down the sink, a sad day
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