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Gregles wrote:

How no?

It looks a good course and has produced some fine brewers and distillers too I believe?

Partly, I could see what was happening to the brewing industry at that time and didn't think there would be any opportunities after the course, partly I'd had enough of education, partly I was too much of a wuss to move from Cardiff to Edinburgh.
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Curiosity led to kits

Dodgy results led to the Internet

The internet led to ‘the simple AG thread’

‘The simple AG thread’ led to over a hundred brews so far and still going strong!

Cheers Clibit! :)
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Wanted to do it for a few years, bought a book, book made it sound complicated, put book down.

Found book later, still sounded complicated.  To the internet...!!

Found some of you lot and had stuff explained in simpler terms, found the "Simple AG" thread.

The rest is history.
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