I just got a starter on for a bitter I'm brewing at the weekend. It was boiling away nicely in my erlenmeyer flask when I realised I'd forgotten to add my normal pinch of yeast nutrient. "Never mind" I thought, "I'll just chuck it in now".

I carefully removed the foil from the top of the flask and tipped in a large pinch of nutrient. Cue a 2 foot geyser of boiling wort erupting everywhere, covering the counter top and floor of my brew shed.

I did top it up with water and more DME and reboiled it again so all was not lost but after the time spent wiping up sticky wort, I won't be making that mistake again!
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DAP has a tendancy to decompose into gaseous components when heated..... Add it before you boil next time [rofl]
Beer is like porn - you can buy it easily enough, but its so much more fun to make it [wink]
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That’s a scunner Simon, at least you avoided any injury
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