Partial/Mini Mash brews are quicker and easier than AG but have all the advantages of AG brewing - you can use any grains you like, because the presence of base malt in the mash converts the starches in any grains that need mashing. It is like an extract brew with some base malt added into a temperature controlled steep. I use a 15 litre stock pot, with a muslin bag to hold the grains. You could use a smaller pot and mash and boil with less water. I am making around 10 litres each time these days, but you could add more extract and hops and top up in the FV to a make a larger batch. Here's a quick guide to a typical brew of mine - you can vary the brew length, the strength, and the ratio of grain to extract, obviously:

1. Heat about 6 litres of water per kg of grain to 75*C. So 9 litres for 1.5kg of grain, for example. Or 12 litres for 2 kg. 
2. Place a muslin or voile bag into the pot, big enough to drape over the sides and clip with clothes pegs or bulldog clips. (or add grains to a smaller bag and lower it into the pot, but you don't want grains tightly packed). 
3. Stir in the grains (the flavour grains plus some pale malt). Adjust temp if necessary with cold or boiling water to achieve temp between 65 and 70C, often I go for 67C. 
4. Leave pot on the hot stove with the lid on and wrap with towels, fleece etc. 
5. After 45 - 60 mins of the mash switch the heat on and gently raise the temperature to around 76C, stirring occasionally, then pull the bag out and place it on a colander on top of another pot or bucket to drain.
6. Bring the wort to boiling, adding the small amount of runnings from the drained bag.
7. Once boiling, add hops according to your recipe schedule. 
8. After switching the heat off at the end of the boil, I stir in the malt extract. Any steep hops can be added after the extract. 
9. Cool in the sink. This volume will cool to about 30*C in about 30 minutes if you keep the water cold - change it a couple of times. 
10. Transfer to FV via a sterilised sieve to catch the hops, top up to required level, and pitch yeast when you reach pitching temp.

I can reach flame out in about 2 - 2.5 hours, dunk the pot in the sink to cool, sterilise my FV, thermometer, hydrometer, sieve etc and be finished in 2.5 - 3 hours. I get about 18 x 500ml bottles from a 10 litre batch. I make stronger ales with extra extract, and bottle those in around 27 x 330ml bottles.

[You can use this method to make larger batches by using a larger pot or by doing a partial boil - boil say 10 litres of wort with enough hops and flavour grains for say, 20 litres. Use enough extract and hops to make up the OG and IBUs etc for the 20 litre brew, and add cold water to the FV to make up to volume.]
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Here's an example,my brew last week:

Riwaka Pale Ale (OG 1047)

0.500 kg Dry Malt Extract - Light (31.75%)
0.500 kg Lager Malt (31.75%)
0.500 kg Mild Ale Malt (31.75%)
0.075 kg Crystal 80 EBC Pale/Medium (4.76%)

15.0 g Northern Brewer Pellet (7.5% Alpha) @ 45 Minutes 
10.0 g Riwaka Pellet (5.1% Alpha) @ 10 Minutes 
10.0 g Riwaka Pellet (5.1% Alpha) @ 5 Minutes 
10.0 g Riwaka Pellet (5.1% Alpha) @  Hop tea or dry hop

1. There is 1.075 kg of grain in the recipe, so I heated 6.5 litres of water to 75C while I prepared the grains.
2. I put my grain bag in the pot and stirred in the grains. 
3. I added some cold water (stirring well) as the temp was a bit too high, and got it to 68C. 
4. I put the lid on and put a fleece over the pot (and a cushion on top!) 
5. I left the pot alone for 45 mins, and weighed out my hops.
6. After 45 mins I removed the fleece and put the heat on, and raised the temp to 76C, stirring well  several times. 
7. I lifted the bag out and plonked it on a colander I'd placed on another pot. 
8. I brought the wort up to boiling, adding the wort that dripped out of the bag on the way and 4 litres of water, to get me closer to my target volume of 10 litres. 
9. Once boiling, I added the 45 min hops, and 35 mins later I added the 10 min hops, and the 5 min hops 5 mins after that.  I switched off 5 mins later, after a total of 45 mins of boiling.
10. I stirred in my DME. 
11. I cooled the wort in the sink while sterilising my FV, thermometer and hydrometer.
12. After about 30 mins I transferred the wort to the FV ( I left the hops in this time so didn't need to sterilise a sieve) I topped up with cold water to 10 litres. It was below 25C so I took a hydrometer reading and pitched the yeast.

Easy peasy.
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