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John Barleycorn
Clibit wrote:
So saturday my son cooked lunch, no meat and almost vegan, and a vegan butternut squash risotto for dinner!

IMG_20180915_190936305.jpg  IMG_20180915_132438968.jpg 

Then yesterday i had mushroom and cherry tomatoes on toast for lunch and i cooked a Spanish pork and bean stew for dinner. 

Less meat. My cholesterol needs to come down.

Very nice plates of food you had there. They look very tasty.

I'm not ever going to subscribe to the non-meat eating regime, after all plants are living things, too.
Should I forego them as weel??
The fact that humans are omnivores implies that we fare best on a varied and balanced diet.
I also think that there is some merit in eating local and eating seasonal.
I do believe in portion control and I think far too much meat is consumed in the Western world.

You are, in my opinion, correct in saying that cutting back will be good for you.

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Arnt chillies good for cholesterol ?

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Pesho77 wrote:
Arnt chillies good for cholesterol ?


I dunno, that would be handy.
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