I'm not i understand how Belgian yeasts are classified or even if they are, or what exactly makes a saison yeast a saison yeast. 

Belle Saison and WLP545 Belgian Strong Ale are genetically very very similar. Belle Saison is possibly a dried version of WLP545. They both are diastaticus strains and attenuate to around 95%, and have fruity and peppery flavours. They are both also closely related to the two Saison DuPont strains, the next nearest genetic match. Which seems to suggest that both are saison strains, if there is such a thing. But maybe Belle Saison is better used in strong Belgian ales? Who decides? You do, I think. 

In the past I guess people who made saisons used whatever yeast they had. They possibly had their own strain, a farmhouse strain passed down like the kveiks have been? They probably shared yeast locally. Did it fit the modern, fairly narrow description of what a saison yeast should be? I doubt it. Is saison even a beer style? Is it not just a culture of brewing beer for a particular purpose at a particular time of year? And open to interpretation?

I think there are inconsistencies in the branding of yeasts sold commercially, perfectly exemplified by the re-branding a couple of years ago of M27 Belgian ale yeast as M29 French saison yeast. Which shows just how flexible yeast branding can be. Sellers decide if a yeast will loosely fit a style and choose a name and style that will maximise sales. There is crossover between Belgian ales and saisons. Maybe saison is just a Franco-Belgian style that suits a variety of yeasts from that part of the world.
For a modern interpretation of a saison, any strain that makes a dry beer with some fruity and peppery flavours would fit the bill, surely? Looking at the modern style guidelines, for what they are worth. Select according to personal preference. I recently drank a blonde ale I made with Belgian pale malt, an English ale yeast and Styrian Goldings that reminded me of a commercial saison I once had. A gentle one with some fruity esters and i bit of spiciness. Was it a saison I bought? It said so on the bottle, and it was brewed in France. Saison is a broad church. And the branding of yeast is pretty debatable in some cases. Belle Saison is a yeast that can be used however you want to use it, guided by it's characteristics. Use it a few times, vary the fermentation, and you will know what it is like. Maybe it suits saisons and maybe it suits other Belgian styles too. Don't feel confined by the name, it's just a branding tool and a rough guide, I think.
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