So this is an amalgamation of various roggenbier recipes I have found, including chris Colby's and Greg Hughes' books. I've seen several articles which mention using either a Weiss or a lager yeast, but I'm only really interested in a Weiss version.

I'll be hopefully getting this on in the next few weeks.

15L roggenbier

1750g malted rye (50%)
700g Pilsner (20%)
700g Munich light (20%)
250g caramunich (7%)
50g carafa II (2%)
Lots of rice hulls (no rod hulls)

30g Saaz (4%aa) @ 60m
10g Saaz @ 10m

Wyeast 3068 wiestephaner hefeweizen

OG 1054 FG 1013 IBU 23 ABV 5.3%
60m mash at 66c (might do a protein rest and mash out)
60m boil

Assuming I don't screw up, I am envisaging a rich, zingy, complex flavoured beer
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Spicy and complex, I'm sure!
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Sounds a tad to spicy for me.
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I did the straight Greg Hughes recipe, using MJ Bavarian Wheat yeast (M20), fermented at 24C. Loads of banana, and a very interesting and drinkable beer. It got consumed all too quickly (a friend and fellow homebrewer loved it and still pesters me to re-brew it) so I never got a chance to see how much it develops over time. Looking forward to hearing how it turns out.
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I'll not use the mj Bavarian again after my dunkelweiss, it was ok but not a patch on using the real deal.
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