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John Barleycorn wrote:
I apologize for my part in this.
I was trying to point out that boiling off alcohol is a procedure akin to distillation, which is a criminal activity in this country.
As Steve has rightly pointed out these sort of conversations on the Internet attract the wrong sort of attention. 
I have over-stepped the mark here and will no longer be taking part in this particular conversation.

Nothing to apologise for John [thumb] it's a subject along with a few others that from time to time come's up! As with any forum we try and help as best as we can but these type of conversations can not be permitted unfortunately, we do try our best not to intrude but the law is the law unfortunately and i apologise myself for having to step in.

As i have said i'm sorry guy's.

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I have looked into this previously and I believe the success to low alcohol brewing lies with higher temp mashing, fermenting at a higher temp and using a special yeast that does not produce as much alcohol. 
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