I've got my next ten brews planned out and I'm looking forward to September to get properly back into it.

The beers will be:
A New England IPA (looking forward to the controversy this will cause)
Chris Colby bitter that Steve raves about
Phil's San Diego red
A black rye IPA with apollo and azzacca
A roggenbier
A lemon saison
A motueka and cascade session pale
A galaxy and Ella pale
Trumans zephyr clone (Ella, summer, vic secret)
A mosaic Belgian IPA

Mostly these are pretty simple recipes (though some are very hop heavy), nothing too experimental other than the saison.

I've gone for a mix of old fave hops, some new hops and quite a few malts I've not used either (imperial, Vienna, midnight wheat, amber for example).

I think I've posted a few of the recipes already but will post them all in due course.

Love it. Something to look forward to once summer hols are over!

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Nice line up there Gareth, hope all goes well with them all.
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At least you know what malt you want lol [wink]
Beer is like porn - you can buy it easily enough, but its so much more fun to make it [wink]
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Pinto wrote:
At least you know what malt you want lol [wink]

Yeah I've even planned what order I'll do them in so I can buy three or so brews worth of ingredients at a time!
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