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I think it's the word milkshake that's off putting, in the context of beer. It's odd cos I'm very traditional in my brewing, I stick to malt, hops, yeast, water and well established styles. I like experimenting but I do stick within those boundaries myself. I'm open to new ideas though, I like trying different things when I'm buying beer at least. And I don't think the word milkshake is really a true reflection of the beer that is being described here. It's simply a beer that is cloudy and relatively sweet and might contact lactose, and fruit. I've had dark beers with lactose, it's not my favourite ingredient tbh. I do like fruit beers occasionally. Particularly lambic fruit beers. 

Anyway my view is try everything once at least, cos you never know. Make a small batch some time perhaps, if you have time to mess about with new ideas.

I'm quite happy with lactose, but only had it in milk stout.

As you say, it's the name that puts me off, it conjures up an image of a gloopy, sickly liquid that tastes of hops.
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