Finally going electric for the kettle so need to get an element - 50 litre kettle for 20-24 litre brews, so 3kW, but which or Mr Lards elements to buy - LWD straight or ULWD ripple. The difference is a batch of beer!

I batch sparge, so the 1st runnings and subsequent sparges are heated when available which shortens the overall process (hence 3kW not 5kW) - I also use a hopsock/spider so trub is a lot less of an issue for cleaning.

Comments, recommendations and alternatives all welcome!

Regards, Pat
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If the price difference is not huge I'd go ULWD. I have a 30L Burco with a concealed element. I've been toying with the idea of upgrading to a 50L kettle but I don't fancy scrubbing burnt wort of an exposed element. ULWD would reduce the risks of scorching and make cleaning that bit easier.
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 If you do need to clean it oven pride works well

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Concealed elements solve a LOT of problems inherent to going electric, especially if you use Pellet hops.  Failing that, keeping to the lowest watt density you can makes sense - caked elements that cut out 2/3rds of the way through a boil are annoying....
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