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I'm pretty sure there was no homebrew shop in Bedrock.

Fred and Wilma had to source their ingredients elsewhere.
There is evidence that brewing was an activity back in those days, quite possibly on large scale.
Still later beer was brewed for the pharoah and his workers, quite a few thousands of years ago.

We know there is viable yeast on elder blossom, for example.
Is it possible to create a viable malt brew from this yeast?
Is it possible to collect usable yeasts from the blossom of other flora?

How does this relate to where the first ale yeast originated?

Questions, questions...
What do you think?

Is it worth a few experimental miniature home brews?

Could blending such a yeast with a commercial yeast be worthwhile to try?

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I reckon Salford home brew shop dates back to neolithic times.

Fruit is a likely answer - a source of many yeasts, and found in many ancient brews. But i suspect they got yeast in various random ways, without really understanding how or why it was happening. They will have learnt stuff though, like passing yeast from batch to batch, using specific fruit from specific places, I would imagine. Lambic brewers today are capturing yeast by leaving wort in places where the wild anmbient yeast produces good beer. Cantillon, one of the masters of it, have open fermenters in the rafters of their building, for this purpose.
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 Theres quite a few books on the subject, some must be worth a read.

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... or there's yard yeast for those who want to live on the wild side [facebook-emoticon--terrified-with-fear]
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Probably from a woolly mammoth
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This might help...

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IIRC, in an interview with the guy who runs Sui Generis, after searching all manner of locations, items and fruits, they discovered that the greatest concentrations of wild yeast was to be found in the leaf litter of forests (oak and beech in particular)

Might be worth taking a walk, picking up a handful of leaves from a undisturbed area and grinding a few of them into a little malt solution ?

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