Hi everyone,
I drink a lot of micro brewery beer - my local is a privately owned family pub and is co-owned by two micro - breweries (both owned by same person who is part of the same family) and the pub has won several CAMRA awards. All its beer is served flat with no head, which I accept and I like. In the area where I now live, flat beer is the norm.
However, I originate from different area, and when I was a kid a pint of flat beer would have been poured down the sink, and probably quite rightly so as it was brewed to have a head and was probably off.
Around these parts, and before I became a real ale drinker, if one asked for a head on ones beer they would think that tightening up the sparkler was the answer -which it is not as it produces a frothy head instead of a creamy head that very soon disappears instead of leaving a smear around the glass after every sip. 
I have found that all micro- brewery beer in our area is flat and although I do really enjoy it, it would be nice to be able to get a pint of real ale with a creamy head every now and again.
I know it can be done as there is a pub on the east coast that has its own micro brewery on the premises and it produces a dark beer (similar to a mild) with a Guinness type head.
So, I wonder what the secret is to producing a creamy head and whether or not this can be replicated when brewing at home.
I await your responses with keen interest and anticipation.

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More gas, which holds the head as bubbles rise. Protein in the beer makes bubbles more stable, the usual ploy is a few percent of torrified or malted wheat in the recipe. Keep anything that destroys surface tension (soap, detergent) away from the glass and other equipment. Yeast strain also has an impact
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Stout heads are formed by the nitrogen/CO2 mix they're served with - the lower solubility of the N2 creates smaller bubbles - not much help to you if you dont keg tho.  In addition to this, you can try adding oats into the brew, and priming with a maltodextin/sugar mix will help as well (Brew Enhancer is close but not the same as pure maltodextrin)
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Can you still get hold of heading fluid ?
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