We have instigated a regular competition for forum members to enter their home brew and compete against other members. This is a friendly affair, and is a chance to get friendly feedback and see what others think. The categories are pretty broad. If you wish to judge a round, contact Clibit. All you need do is send your entries to the judge for the current round by the closing date:

31/12/18 Pale: Judge = Clibit.  

1ST: GHW Tropical IPA & AdrianDBW Black Ninja Black IPA
3RD  Hops n Dreams Blonde Ale & Clibit Vienna Kolsch

28/2/19 Dark: Judge = Hops n Dreams

30/4/19 Fixed style/recipe TBC:  Judge = Steve

30/6/19 Euro: Judge = GHW

30/9/19  IPA: HisDudeness

31/10/19 SMaSH: Clibit

31/12/19 Dark: AdrianDBW
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2020 Dates

29 Feb  Wheat/Rye  

30 April  Under 3.5%  Clibit

30 June  Non-standard/Foraged ingredient Gareth HW

31 August  APA/AIPA - Adrian

31 October  English Pale (Bitter, IPA, Strong, Old, Burton) - Hops n Dreams

31 December  Dark  (Mild, Porter, Stout, Belgian Strong Dark?)  Hichaechoc
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