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Gregles wrote:
It's like breaking bad man [rofl]

How are you going to decide on the water profile for each brew?
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LOL it does bring out the mad scientist in you, next step a death ray and holding the worlds leaders to ransom! The only acid you might need is for your sparge, but its such a small amount it might be difficult to measure for 4 litres of water.  I use a glass pipette and for 20 litres i only need to add about a single ml of food grade lactic acid.  The theory is that as we sparge the pH rises but i doubt it ever gets high enough to bring out tannins and other undesirables from the mash bed.  The kettle is meant to benefit from slightly high pH anyway as its good for hop utilisation, so  I may not even bother with an acid if I were you greggles, the acid malt will be quite enough to do its thing in the mash I should imagine. 

Calcium chloride comes in flakes and takes a time to fully dissolve, take a little of your brewing liquor and put it in a blender with all your salts and blend it for a few seconds, dissolves everything awesomely and fire it back into the mash tun!
Beer is an expression of the human spirit. . . we use technical sciences as a tool to create it but its essence is and always will be a form of art - Handbook of brewing, chapter 2, page 55
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