Contributing my recipe to the proliferation of them that Phil's giving us at the moment

I don't care if it's controversial, it sounds great. Also, why Isi it controversial? It's only beer for christs sake.

Anyway, I haven't named it as I never name my beers, but this is my New England IPA recipe. Will get round to it in autumn at some point. If you brew it first, let me know if I should bother or not.

I nicked the malt bill but can't recall where from. Byo maybe.


2900g Maris otter (81%)
350g flaked oats (10%)
275 white wheat (9%)
75g sugar

3g Columbus (15aa) @60m

30g Amarillo (8.6aa)@5m
30g simcoe (12.5aa) @5m
30g cascade (7aa) @5m

30g Amarillo @0m
30g simcoe @0m
30g cascade @0m

20g Amarillo dry hop 2 days in
20g simcoe "
20g cascade "

20g Amarillo dry hop once fermentation done
20g simcoe "
20g cascade "

Yeast: Vermont ale

60m mash @67c. 60m boil

OG 1057 FG 1011 ABV 6% IBU 38

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It's not massively different from the hophands recipe. I like the 19% oat/wheat mix instead of the 18% oats.
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A man needs his oats but 19% is over oated
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