Hi all heres 1 for you when you feel like a nice steak and you want to slam it in the oven for a good 2 hours and have a beer or 3 while it slowly bubbles away perfuming the house with wonderful beefy beery smells, get 2 nice thick cut lumps of braising steak about 1 and a half inch's thick , 4 large onions , 3 cloves a garlic a good few stalks of Rosemary and thyme dried mixed herbs if you fancy a htsp 1ltr of your best bitter a squirt of tom paste salt and pepper and here we go. Season your steaks with lots a pepper and salt to your taste , take a nice heavy cast iron pan get tit smoking hot bollock a knob a butter in there and a splash a olive oil. sear them steaks till there nice and brown very brown and crusty , in the mean time you have sliced up them onions and garlic steaks out and in to your fav casserole pan big enough to take the meat side be side. eason them onions add a good pinch a sugar , then the tom paste stur it around you got to cook off that tom paste . if threes any button mushrooms laying around slice em toss em in spoon that sweet Onion mix over that beef , pan back on the heat turn her down a tad glug the ale in to us chefs this called deglassing the pan , now the ale wants to cove them steaks if if don't add some boiled Adams ale and toss in the herbs  , cover the pan with double tin foil and stick the lid fan oven 140c other oven 160c gas number 3 . Now the important bit DO NOT Peek or open the oven door for at least 2 and a half hrs after that get her out lid of foil off be very careful of the raising steam it burns badly lol, check meat with a knife should slide in the well sexed up wife lol , aint going to tell how to cook chips you could have mash or just some very crusty bread with it , any way hopes you like it . Thanks Ivan
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sounds nice.. will have to have a go [thumb]
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Cheers Ivan, that does sound good, I must give it a go. Slow cooked meat is always good I reckon. 
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