This is a bit different. Something to try perhaps.

"Like all IPAs, Brown IPA is hops-forward (no surprise there). Bitterness is medium-high to high, hops flavors and aromas are likewise prominent, and the balance is decidedly in the "hoppy" direction. It's useful to think of it in terms of malt character, though: it should have noticeable brown- and black-malt flavors but not be sweet or malt-forward."

Suggested recipe contains no brown malt however.. 

OG 1065
50 IBUs
SRM 25
ABV 6.7%

5kg Pale malt
450g  Crystal 65L
230g Carafa Special II

45 IBUs NZ/Oz hops @ 20 minutes
30g same hops @ flame out
30g Phoenix @ flame out (article claims they contribute a cocoa flavour!)

Wyeast 1318

I like this idea. But I'd change the malts. Use dark crystal like 250ebc, and black malt instead of Carafa, but less, maybe 100-150g. I'd even experiment with some brown malt, just not too much. 

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