Read this article by a Swedish beer writer, describing her beer epiphany:

Mine are well known really - the original one, about 1978, when I tasted Boddingtons, in the Tangerine Club before a Blackpool match, possibly Sunderland. It was the best beer available in my neck of the woods at the time, by a long way. And the second epiphany, after years of searching for something to replace Boddies in my life, when I walked into the Marble Beerhouse in the late 90s and had a pint of Marble Lagonda IPA. I'd had a few other craft beers but that one hit me right between the eyes and I was in love with beer again, and have been ever since.

Who has had a beer epiphany moment? Or two?

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My love of a good bitter started with draft castle Eden ale. Not sure it qualifies as an epiphany, wasn’t one particular moment
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First sip of De Molens Spanning & Sensatie. Showed me what an imperial stout really could be, and sent me to discover their other brews.  By far my favourite brewery in the world.
Beer is like porn - you can buy it easily enough, but its so much more fun to make it [wink]
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