Welcome to our 400th forum member - danylp! 

The forum is 2 years and 6 months old this week, today I think, and still going strong and adding new members regularly. A big thanks to all those who read the forum and post, and especially to those who kept us afloat earlier this year by contributing to the annual cost of running the forum. 

I've pretty much stopped reading other forums cos I get all the brewing banter and info I need here. Although I noticed today that the Simple AG thread I started in February 2015 elsewhere is only about 100 page views short of 250k. AG brewing has become much more popular in the UK in recent years, which should help make sure there will be plenty of brewers in the country for years to come. The down side at the moment is the closure of so many pubs. The up side is the huge spread of brewing knowledge, and the growing number of people making their own beer at home and sharing it with friends. I used to be the only home brewer i knew, i now have four good friends who brew. And some of these home brewers are going on to brew professionally. 

I love beer and brewing and I love chatting with brewers on here. We all owe a huge thanks to Steve who took the plunge and set it up, sunk his own money in, and has looked after the techie side all along too. Top man. 

Cheers everyone.

Edit:  Apologies for bigging meself  up there!
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 Lets keep this going for a while yet 

 Cheers Steve 

 And every one else

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This is certainly the place to come for banter and beer advice
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Thanks to all involved for providing such a fantastic forum
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Agreed, we have a great bunch on here.

Also, I think that confirms Clibit is a homebrew legend.
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Welcome to the forum, if you need any advice, or just like a chat ask away, there are some very helpful guys on here, and very knowledgeable.
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Yeah the good banter and a great wealth of different experince on here make for interesting reading. [cool]
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